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Christian mental emotional health  therapy session

Pink and New

Encouraging Women to Seek God for Emotional Health and Healing

God Heals. But Healing Isn’t  Automatic.

Pink and New™ is an emotional health startup focused on amplifying how churches provide Millennial and Gen Z women with the courses, bite-size content, and community they need to:


  • Seek God for emotional healing

  • Maintain their emotional health

  • Pursue their God-given calling

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Our Mission

At Pink and New, our mission is to help a new generation of women experience the life-changing power of wholehearted surrender to God—so they can live deeply in love with him, healed (and healing!) from hurts, and empowered to live out their God-given calling.



Modern Learning Formats

Our audio and video teachings, and well as bite-size reminders, are perfect for busy, modern women on the go. Women can easily access our platform on their commute, during workouts, on personal retreat days... even during bathroom cry breaks at work  (we've been there!).


Designed for Millennials and Gen Zs

We specialize in the topics that matter to women today, in partnership with pastors, youth and young adult ministries, women's ministries, Christian universities, non-profits and more. No topic is taboo—let's seek God for all of our emotional health and healing needs.


Equipping Women to Fulfill Their Calling

Everyone has a God-given calling. Hurts hold people back. We are passionate about supporting women (and supporting churches in supporting women!) in seeking God for emotional healing, maintaining their emotional health, and living out their God-given calling. 

How Pink and New Works

At Pink and New, there is no judgment and no topic is taboo. Women will find guided courses, bite-size content, and community, all led by pastors and leaders with lived experience. Women can use our platform independently, and churches and Christian organizations can use the platform to provide training, programming, and post-counselling support. 

With our global audience, we also aim to serve the church by becoming the go-to expert in what Millennial and Gen Z Christian women are searching for, asking for, and praying for when it comes to emotional health and healing.

Our Story

"Your [content] has been absolutely helpful and inspiring to me, as I found it at a time when I was going through some serious emotional wreckage... a relationship left me feeling scarred, used, and empty. I was distant from God and didn't know how to seek Him or where to even start. At the same time, I was also desperate for emotional healing and restoration. Reading your post ... encouraged me to seek God humbly and persistently in my prayer life."


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