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Our mission:
Equipping churches to help a new generation of women heal.

Everyone has a God-given calling. Hurts hold people back. Pink and New™ equips churches to help Millennial and Gen Z women seek God for emotional healing, maintain their emotional health, and live out their God-given calling.

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Hey church leader!

Receiving more requests for emotional support than ever? For relationships, miscarriages, heartbreak, and more? Want to provide consistent care but understaffed? 

We've got you.

  • Search the largest library of emotional health resources from top ministries

  • Run courses

  • Empower women with a self-service tool

  • Provide end-to-end emotional health support


Join our pilot. Launching soon!

  • Small group study on Loved: Courageously Embracing Femininity (Ellel Ministries)

  • Daily push notifications

  • Sample prayers, reflection questions, meditations

  • Topics include: emotional honesty, generational patterns, wounds that affect our femininity, walking in surrender

  • Referrals for pastoral counselling specializing in emotional health for women (as requested)

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Every Christian woman needs emotional health support

Women are looking to their church for emotional health support more than ever. And 89% of pastors say the church needs to provide this — but in reality they are understaffed and undertrained (Lifeway Research). The problem? Women can feel unsupported and go to non-Christian options or even leave the church. Let us help you support the women in your care.


Christian women in Canada and the US alone


Protestant churches in Canada and the US


Pastors say churches need to provide emotional health support


Let us help you support the women in your care

Praise God, there are a lot of good Christian emotional health resources out there. But content on Christian apps are often short, one-off pieces like podcasts or meditations. Churches need more structure. Ministries offer courses but these require you to be at your desktop or use a paper workbook. Women want content that can be used on the go.


We make it easy for churches to run emotional health programming on topics that matter most Millennial and Gen Z women in the tone, style, and format that they love. We make it easy for women to feel connected to God on the go as they use the app to seek him for emotional health and healing.

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